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About the Artist

John Mann was born in Toledo, Ohio. His family moved to Arizona when he was a child, and settled in Scottsdale. John's interest was in the sciences, and he received his undergraduate degree from Northern Arizona University, and two post-graduate degrees from Emory University in Atlanta. After completing his education, he returned to Arizona with his wife, and chose Chandler as the place to begin his career.

After working many years in his profession, John developed an interest in art. A primarily self-taught artist, he experimented with several mediums, but found that his knowledge of human anatomy, chemistry, and modern materials best served him with sculpture. He has concentrated his art on the human form, and strives to bring life to his beautiful figurative, portrait, and relief sculptures.

John creates his pieces from beginning to end in his studio — armature, original clay design, molding, castings, and patina. He enjoys experimenting with various materials, specifically in his castings and his patinas. Most of the time he avoids bronzing his sculptures, hoping to make his pieces accessible and affordable to all those who love sculpture as an art form. 


After years of selling his art to private collectors, John is now selling his art to the public. He is currently represented by Quantum Art Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

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